About Us

At FootwearSolutions we put you and your feet first. Offering you a great selection of foot friendly shoes and insoles chosen by our team of podiatrists & shoe fitters.

We began providing great shoes that are good for your feet in 2000. Founded by Martin Jenkins, a podiatrist in private practice, who wanted to provide shoes for his patients with foot problems that not only felt great but looked good too!

We want to provide you with truly excellent service, advice and the best product for you... Our sincere desire is to care for you in the same manner we would care for our own family...

We provide a wide variety of shoes and footwear for all feet and all occasions. From sports shoes to sandals to walking footwear, we offer solutions for everyone's feet.

Our range includes:

Wide shoes, including E EE(2E) EEE(3E) EEEE(4E), 6E & 8E fittings
Deep shoes (for those with prominent toes).
Shoes that can accommodate insoles and orthotics (usually by removing an insole).
Footwear designed to alleviate plantar fasciitis, policemans heel and a variety of painful heel conditions.
Elasticated shoes and shoes with elastic panels for bunions and corns.
We also provide a range of insoles and orthotics off-the-shelf that really work, as well as a range of foot-care products from chiropody felt to foot cream & foot anti-perspirants.

All our shoe fitting and telephone staff are qualified with the Society of Shoe Fitters or are podiatrists, so we can help you find the right solution for your feet or foot problem.

Our shoe brands include:

Padotics & Bio-Orthotics